Surgical Obturators: A surgical obturator is a temporary prosthesis used to restore the continuity of the hard palate immediately after surgery or traumatic loss of a portion or all of the hard palate and/or contiguous alveolar structures.

Interim Obturators: An interim obturator is a prosthesis that is made after a surgical resection of a portion or all of one or both maxilla; frequently, this may include replacement of teeth in the defect area.

Definitive Obturators: A definitive obturator is a prosthesis that artificially replaces part or all of the maxilla and associated teeth lost due to surgery or trauma. It is fabricated after complete healing of the defect has occurred.

Palatal Augmentation Prostheses: A palatal augmentation prosthesis is a prosthesis that allows reshaping of the hard palate to improve tongue-palate contact during speech and swallowing. The prosthesis is necessary in patients with impaired tongue mobility caused by surgery, trauma, or neurological motor deficits.


Prosthetic Treatment of Mandibular Defects: Treatment of mandibular defects includes defects resulting from surgical resections of the mandible, tongue, or floor of mouth.

Mandibular Resection Prostheses: A mandibular resection prosthesis is a maxillary and/or mandibular prosthesis delivered after a mandibular resection to provide the remaining deviated mandibular segment improved occlusal contact with the maxillary dentition.

Mandibular Reconstruction Prostheses:

This is a prosthesis delivered after surgery to reconstruct continuity of the mandible following a mandibular resection.