A denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They are made to closely resemble your natural teeth and may even enhance your smile.

There are two types of dentures: complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. A partial denture not only fills in the spaces created by missing teeth; it also prevents other teeth from shifting. A complete denture may be either “conventional” or “immediate.” 


A conventional type of denture is made after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has healed, which usually takes 4-6 weeks. During this time, the patient will go without teeth. Dentures are very durable appliances and will last many years, but may have to be remade, repaired, or readjusted due to normal wear.


Immediate dentures are made in advance and are immediately (hence the name) placed right after the teeth are removed, thus preventing the patient from having to be without teeth during the healing process. The position of the new teeth in the denture is discussed with Dr. Aragon before the extractions occur. The patient in this case will not be toothless at any point. Adjustments will be needed as well as relines while the patient heals from the surgery. In some cases, these dentures are used as a temporary solution while the patients undergo implant placement and have a new implant-retained prosthesis fabricated. Dr. Aragon will perform both procedures: extractions and fitting of the dentures.

immediate denturesimmediate denture
The immediate dentures has teeth in the ideal position. It does not replicate what the patient had before.


These prostheses are designed for patients who have lost all their teeth and cannot wear conventional dentures due to severe bone loss. With the aid of dental implants, which are placed inside the bone, free-standing attachments are used to retain the overdentures. The advantages are: enhanced chewing capacity, esthetics, phonetics, ease of maintenance, simplified hygiene, retention and stability as well as maintenance of existing bone. Dr. Aragon will perform the placement of the implants and will complete the fabrication of the prosthesis.

This patient had 4 implants placed in the bone that were then joined by a Titanium bar, giving the denture more stability.


This is another alternative for patients who have lost all their teeth. Also known as “Fixed Detachable”, “Hybrid”;  this implant prosthesis has the “feel” and chewing effectiveness of natural teeth. Most patients find their fixed-detachable prosthesis to be an excellent therapy. It can only be removed by the dentist, and its removal requires a great deal of time and expertise. Dr. Aragon will digitally plan the position of the implants that will support the prosthesis and will fabricate a guide to place the implants in the most appropriate position. Dr. Aragon will perform the placement of the implants and will complete the fabrication of the prosthesis.

fixed denturefixed denture
This patient cannot remove the prosthesis at all. These prosthesis give the patient a very natural feeling.
fixed denturesfixed dentures
This patient can finally smile with confidence.