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Your Smile Deserves the Care of a Specialist

Smile Improvement
A beautiful and healthy smile is a sound investment and offers excellent value in terms of quality of life. Why don’t you let a dental specialist take care of your smile?
At Aragon Prosthodontics, we strive to provide the best dental reconstructive care while enjoying a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, pain and stress free.
Our office makes a priority to inform the patients so that they can make adequate decisions concerning their treatment as well as the associated costs, and the timeline for treatment. We recognize that each person is an individual; with physical, emotional and financial requirements. We are committed to listening to our patients, and we develop treatment plans individualized to each person's unique needs.

Improvement of quality of life
Wearing ill-fitting dentures can be very disturbing and not only will you be unable to eat healthy foods, but it has been shown to affect how you engage in social settings.
We provides implant-attached dentures that will make you feel better about yourself and feel confident when having a meal with friends or being alone with your partner.
Our office is located in the beautiful Forrest City: London, Ontario; just a 2-hour drive from major cities such as Toronto and Detroit, Michigan.


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