Dental implant is sometimes the treatment of choice for most patients who want to replace one or more missing teeth, whether teeth are missing because of trauma, periodontal disease, or decay.

When replacing one missing tooth, a dental implant is placed in the site. The dental implant acts to take the place of the root of the missing tooth. A crown then is screwed into the implant, or sometimes is glued on another piece that goes screwed into the implant (abutment).The replacement tooth resembles a natural tooth in function and esthetics. Dr. Aragon will perform the placement of the implants and the placement of the crown.

dental implants

Immediate Implant Placement

In selected cases, Dr. Aragon can place an implant right after removing the failing tooth and provides the patient with a temporary crown while the patient is healing. The patient in this case will not be missing a tooth or use a sometimes uncomfortable removable appliance while healing. This procedure is called “immediate placement”, and it shortens the time you are without a final crown. Immediate implant placement is not indicated for every case. Dr. Aragon will perform the placement of the implants and the placement of the temporary crown at the same appointment.

Replacement of Congenitally Missing Teeth

Most patients who are born with cleft lip and palate are missing multiple permanent teeth. We work with other dental specialists such as pediatric dentists, orthodontist and oral surgeons to replace these missing teeth when the patients complete their growth. The patients are generally evaluated at our office at an early age (12- 13 years of age) and finish their treatment between 18-20 years of age, since most of them will require orthodontics and some extractions of teeth and bone grafting.