April 16, 2023

On September 29th of 2022 we hosted our Open house for our brand new facility on 906 Adelaide St. North. We officially opened our doors on March 1st of 2022 after dealing for a long time with the City of London, supplies shortages, a global pandemic, etc, etc. I am very happy in the new building since we have more space for staff and for our patients. In this new building we have been able to include a laundry area to wash our gowns, and scrubs; a kitchen where we can comfortably have lunch and host reunions with other colleagues. Looking back to this journey, I would definitively would do it all over again: it was a stressful path, but we prevailed!!

my family
My family: Catalina, Jorge and Horacio… my everything.
my wonderful
Jessica, Jane, Lucia, me, Zulema and Paula
With Bhakos, our contractor; and his lovely wife.
We were blessed with a fantastic weather, so we had some food in the parking lot area.
My amazing little man, my son Horacio getting ready to eat a cookie.